Saturday, February 7, 2009

To celebrate the release of the compilation « HYPNOTWIST»
9 tracks compiled par Atyss, featuring :
out on February 2009

Sonic Motion Records presents



PARIS Intra-muros

Start 11Pm

Live-acts :

KILLER BUDS [Sonic Motion Records | Brésil]

Killer Buds will be coming over from Brazil for an exclusive reveal of their 3rd album, before the world wide release that is scheduled for May 2009, bringing their own style of full on, psychedelic, groovy and melodic trance.

PHATMATIX [Mindcore - Yabaî Records | Fr]

Will take us on a trip through Dante's Divine Comedy, as well as new productions and coproduction with Digital Talk "MINDCORE" in a psytrance style with industrial undertones and clear cut rythmes.

NOISY PIPES [Sonic Motion Records | Fr]

We are proud to announce the release of his first album "Out of sync with the world", available end of March 2009, with this party enabling you to discover the sounds of his new project, inspired by the wonderful world of Tim Burton, with an industrial psytrance techno vibe.

ATYSS [Sonic Motion Records | Fr]

Paris based DJ since 1995, in clubs and raves with his friend Patrick R, he decided to found his own label Sonic Motion Records in 2005. For this party, you will discover, exclusively, his new tracks from his album, in a groovy twilight psytrance style.

Dj sets :

TRISKELL [Sonic Motion Records | Fr]

Thanks to his unique and full on psychedelic style, Fred has been invited to play his music in a number of countries and has collaborated with numerous labels : Timecode (South Africa), Acidance (Greece),Hadra (France), Ketuh (Portugal), Peak (Switzerland), Mind Funk (Italy), Alkaloid (Australia), Red Cells (France) Third Eye rec.(India), and Sonic Motion Records.

SAYKO YAN [Sonic Motion Records – Anygmatik | Fr]

After having played in a hard techno style, he is evolving towards hybrid DJ sets, leaning in towards a Psychedelic Trance style, which then takes over.
Yann founded the "Any Gmatik" organisation in 2004

New Déco concept :

COSMICWALKERS [Sonic Motion Records | Allemagne]

The Cosmicwalkers are a group of artists/decorators based in Leipzig in Germany. These last few years, they have created amazing atmospheres in Trance festivals around the world (fullmoon festival 2002/03/04/05, boom festival 2002/04/06/08, carnaval tranceformation festival brazil 2006, fusion festival 2005, ozora festival, indian spirit festival and many many more)...

Visuels :
[ Sonic Motion Records | Fr]
Dual screen

2 scientists from the CNRS, who specialize in cognitive science, will be on site to experiment their visual creations on a dual screen.

Previous label party :
more photos here : 8/index.htm awnparty/index.htm

Sound system Heil Acoustics
Laser, Lights Show, bubble machine
P.A.F. : 22 €
1 “Motion Sensor” cd offered to the first 100 entries.
HYPNOTWIST compilation available upon entry
at a bargain price of 10€.
Venue :

Parc de la Villette, 211 avenue Jean Jaures 75019 Paris
(M) Porte de Pantin “ligne 5” – Bus 75 or PC, Porte de pantin
Support it : CDs and T-shirts available on site

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Supported by Gaia Concept

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